Volume 10 #1 Summer 2012



Minododazin: Translating an
Algonquin Tradition of Respect into
Youth Well-being in Rapid Lake,


Heather Kooiman,Mary Ellen Macdonald, Franco Carnevale, Carolina Pineda, Waylon Nottaway, Serge Vignola


Women for Women: Stories of
Empowerment Activism in Northern


Joan Sanderson


Māori kuia in Aotearoa/New
Zealand: Perceptions of Marae and
How Marae Affects their Health


Annemarie Gillies, Shirley Barnett


Ktunaxa Community Learning
Centres: Unique Community
Perspectives on the Development of
Health Education


Katherine Wisener, Nigel Warden, James N. White, Lisa Three Feathers, Brandy Joe, Sandra Jarvis-


Perceived Health Benefits from
a Commitment to Speak te reo
Māori in the Home: Four Women’s


Emma Mapihi Campbell


Assessing Needs: Asthma in First
Nations and Inuit Communities in


Nancy Fenton, Susan Elliott, Michelle Vine, Christine Hampson, Oxana Latycheva, Kim Barker,
Jo-Anna Gillespie


Profile of Substance Use and
Perspectives on Substance Use
Pathways among Incarcerated
Aboriginal Women


Chantal Plourde, Annie Gendron, Natacha Brunelle


Barriers to Physical Activity for
Aboriginal Youth: Implications
for Community Health, Policy, and


Courtney Mason, Joshua Koehli


American Indians and Alaska
Natives in Nursing Homes: Initial
results from the 2008 Minimum
Data Set


Mario D. Garrett, Dave Baldridge, and Erin Williams


Indigenous Youth Suicide: A
Systematic Review of the Literature


Henry G. Harder, Josh Rash, Travis Holyk, Eduardo Jovel, Kari Harder


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